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Coach Trent serves as a coach to Companies looking to double their value in half the time, using his proven methods to improve team performance, backed by the award-winning business operating software from BLOOM GROWTH SOFTWARE – now serving over 4500 companies worldwide!

Trent Clark is Founder of Leadershipity.Com and Courage Coach LLC. Having spent his adult livelihood among top 3% producers in sports and business, Trent is dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals, peak performance, and attain their dreams through measurable leadership and team development. Trent is a nationally recognized certified coach & speaker.




Speaker Series, Workshops/Retreats

We Judge Ourselves by Our Intentions and Others by Their Behavior ~Stephen Covey

Trent is professional, on topic, enthusiastic and delivers impactful presentations for business groups of all backgrounds and position levels!”

– Stacia Hayes, HR Executive

Speaking Topics:

  • Elite Performance
  • Leaders
  • Team Development
  •  Mentorship


  • The 16 Strategies of Growth
  • Leading Winning Teams: How Teamwork, Motivation, and Strategy Achieve Big League Success
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
  • DiSC Workshop®


  • Growth Getaway Events
  • EO/YPO Retreat Moderator


Smart. Passionate. Energetic. Trustworthy. These are just some of the things that come to mind when I relate my experiences to any encounter I have had with Trent.

Kevin Hundal, CEO

Trent Clark brings a unique blend of coaching and inspiration to everyone in the organization with whom he comes into contact. As a speaker, he delivers quite a punch! Our team laughed and came away energized.

Sid Bala, CEO

Trent gave a world-class presentation to our employees on the Power of Positive Thinking. Using his life and career trajectory as personal examples, he inspired our team with informative and insightful material.

Craig Zoberis, CEO

Trent is one of the most compassionate people and leaders that I know. He is a tireless leader and one who has solid motivation skills of those he leads and works alongside.

Scott Robinson, Managing Director
“Leading Winning Teams is the perfect title for this book written by a guy that has done just that. As an MLB player, Trent pushed me to perform at my highest level on the greatest stage. As a small business owner and keynote speaker, Trent has helped me to gain confidence and find new ways to inspire the clients I teach and engage.”
Scott Spiezio, 2 x MLB World Series Champion, Owner Spiezio Baseball LLC
Trent’s energy and drive, along with his deep expertise in working with leaders (not to mention that twinkle in his eye) make him an ideal speaker on the topic of leadership. I’m proud to recommend him.
Vickie Austin

“Trent Clark has taken three of the most important concepts for success – Leadership, Winning, and Teamwork – and laid out a game plan guaranteed to bring your organization into the big leagues.  ‘Leading Winning Teams’ will have you swinging for the fences!”

Harvey Mackay, Author of the New York Times #1 bestseller “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
“Leading Winning Teams’ simply teaches you how to lead like a CHAMPION. It’s a guide that becomes a cheat code to success. It’s changed the way I run my business and the way I advise my clients. Welcome to the BIG LEAGUES!”
Brant Pinvidic, TV Executive, President of INvelop Entertainment, Best-Selling Author of The 3-Minute Rule, CEO of Reject Average, and World-beater!
“Leading Winning Teams is a playbook for excellence. Trent Clark’s experience in Major League Baseball and business translates seamlessly into invaluable lessons for leaders in any field.”
Matthew Pollard, The Rapid Growth Guy and Bestselling Author of The Introverts Edge Series
“A game-changer for leaders! ‘Leading Winning Teams’ is a playbook for unlocking your team’s full potential. A must-read for anyone serious about achieving big league success.”
Dave Kerpen, NY Times bestselling author of Get Over Yourself: How to Lead & Delegate More Effectively for More Time, More Freedom & More Success
“Trent is the real deal. I met Trent through EO (Entrepreneur Organization). This book reads just like having a conversation with Trent. It is jam-packed with great takeaways. In ‘Leading Winning Teams,’ Trent brilliantly dissects the anatomy of success, revealing the winning combination of teamwork, motivation, and strategy. A masterpiece for leaders at all levels.”
Gail Davis, Founder and President of GDA Speakers
“Exceptional insights on building winning teams! ‘Leading Winning Teams’ is a guide that will resonate with leaders across industries. An inspiring read!”
Cary Chessick, Founder of, Rabine Technologies, Rewards21, and Profitology; Author
“Leading Winning Teams” by Trent Clark is a powerhouse of insights and strategies, transforming the art of leadership and team dynamics. His expertise is a game-changer for anyone committed to achieving greatness in their field. This book is not just a read, it’s an actionable blueprint for success, inspiring leaders, and teams to excel at the highest level, like champions!”
Lauren Sisler, ESPN Sports Reporter, Motivational Speaker, Author of Shatterproof

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